first copyright

What is First Copyright

First Copyright is a service to prove your ownership of any digital document you have created. It is called digital timestamping. Our software is currently in development and will be launched some day in the future. It is developed in Tallinn.

What makes us better?

It's quick, easy and free. Even a first-timer can copyright his file in just few seconds.

How does it work?

We provide a strong proof that a certaint document (a file) was in your possession on the date you first uploaded it to First Copyright. It is up tou you, how you wish to use that proof.
Technically speaking, we create a digital fingerprint for your file (checksum, hash) with cryptographic algorithms and then we save this fingerprint along with date and your name in our database and in a number of third-party timestamping services to prove that our database has not been altered.

What should I use it for?

Protect your photos, drawings, text, or music. Protect anything that you can convert to a computer file. Use it any time you feel that it may help to prove that you were first. Use First Copyright even if you are planning to soon register an official copyright... just because it is that easy to do so and it may give you an edge in a possible dispute.

When I cannot or should not use it?

Firstly, do not use it if you are not the author, such claim would be illegal. Secondly, there is no point in using First Copyright for anything that has already been officially copyrighted or patented. booking software